If your house is starting to feel like less than home on to account of junk, don’t fret. The pros at gotTRASH offer the residential junk removal services you need at a fair and affordable price.

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If you own a home, you’re most likely familiar with the upkeep involved with it and how demanding that can be. If you neglect to declutter your desk for even just a week, for example, you can be left with a mess to address. On top of that, it can be a challenge in itself to bring yourself to tackle the task when you’re used to putting it off. If that sounds familiar, we have the solution you need! Here at gotTRASH, we offer residential junk removal that keeps your home more clean and organized than ever before without the extra effort! That’s because we’re a full-service company that covers your entire junk removal process, from junk pick-up to disposal.

We have a local team of professionally-trained junk haulers who check every box for top-tier residential junk removal services. They always arrive to appointments on time with the right tools, resources, and go-getter attitudes! With them, you can rest assured that any possible risks are eliminated. No matter how much junk you have or how bulky your items may be, they’ll properly and safely knock out every step of the process in a timely fashion.


You may be thinking, what makes your residential junk removal so great? Well, here’s a list of reasons why!

  • Locally-Owned. Instead of spending more money on a subpar junk hauling experience, support local! GotTRASH? is a locally-owned company in your community run by three friendly brothers. Loving what they do, they’re enthusiastic to serve you and treat you with care!
  • Eco-Friendly. We care for the quality of our environment and do anything we can to protect it. Moreover, in our line of work, we can make a direct impact! That’s why we always treat junk disposal responsibly. At the end of your residential junk removal service, we’ll donate and recycle whatever we can.
  • Professional. You can count on our team, as they have all the right training and experience to get your job done right! After all, they provide many different services at the same 5-star quality that you can count on.
  • Affordable. Instead of charging you a complicated list of fees, we give you one simple, low cost! And what’s more, is that we let you know that price in advance. After providing you with a free quote at the beginning of your appointment, we’ll lock in your price to keep your mind at ease!
  • Same and Next-Day Service. We understand that in many cases, residential junk removal can’t wait. Therefore, we’re always available to book on a same and next-day basis! Regardless of how busy your schedule is, we’ll gladly adjust to it to fit you in as soon as possible.


When it’s time for your residential junk removal appointment, you can count on an easy and effortless process. The truth is, all you’ll have to do is schedule an appointment and approve the quote we give you. Just dial our number or book us online and await our team to begin! From there, we’ll handle the dirty work in the following steps.

  • Heavy Lifting and Hauling. First, of course, we must pick up all your junk items from your home. Our team will disperse amongst your space and round up all your junk efficiently.
  • Loading. Then, they’ll work together to load up all your junk onto our provided trucks! All the while, you get to sit back and relax.
  • Cleanup. Before we head to local disposal facilities, we make sure to leave your home clean and pristine! Our workers will utilize brooms to sweep up any dust, dirt, and debris still standing on your floors.


At gotTRASH, we provide all the right junk removal services for the junk-free lifestyle that you want and deserve! We’re a family-owned business based in Buffalo, NY that covers areas from Amherst to Williamsville with both commercial and residential junk removal. Our crew works hard on a daily basis to bear your junk in a professional and efficient manner for your convenience!

From the moment they arrive to your location to when they depart for disposal, it’s clear that our guys put you first. Listening to your every need, desire, and condition, they make sure the job gets done to your standards! Call us today to book the crew that cares.


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