Most furniture is too large for one person to confidently pick up and move on their own. As a result, you might experience many challenges when removing furniture from your property. Why bother doing it at all? Contact us to schedule professional furniture removal services instead.

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There are more kinds of furniture out there than you might realize. The list stretches far beyond the obvious examples such as tables, desks, and chairs. There are also wardrobes, bookshelves, entertainment centers, and so much more. Now imagine yourself trying to pick up one of these heavy furniture items on your own. How does it go down? Chances are, you will have to set it back down immediately—assuming you were able to lift it at all. When you need to get rid of heavy furniture, you might need a helping hand. You can find the assistance you need at gotTRASH?, a locally owned junk removal business. Schedule our furniture removal services, and we’ll leave our home base in Buffalo, NY and arrive at your location in no time!


What happens when someone who isn’t used to carrying heavy items tries to remove your furniture? They get exhausted, slow down, and maybe even drop the furniture in question. Of course, you don’t want this to happen. So don’t choose a team full of rookies. Our furniture disposal service is handled by professionals who do heavy lifting all week long. Because of this, you can count on us to carry away your furniture without causing any accidents. We can even guide the furniture through tight doorways and halls without scuffing your walls. Additionally, we’ll finish the work in a timely manner so you’re not tied up with us all day!

We could go on and on telling you about the many kinds of furniture we can remove for you. Tables, desks, and chairs… shelves, cabinets, and armoires… we can keep going and going! We are also a reliable mattress removal service when you need help getting rid of an old mattress, as well as the bed that went along with it. Want to ditch a sofa? Yes, we are a couch removal service, too! When it comes to hauling away furniture, we can do all things for you!

The best part about our furniture removal services is that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We use an affordable, volume-based pricing model to ensure what you pay is always fair. Here’s how it works. At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll take a look at the furniture you want us to take. We’ll estimate how much truck space it will use up, then let you know what you’ll pay based on what we saw. Approve this quote, and the price will be locked in. This means no hidden fees or surcharges!


  1. gotTRASH? will always show up on time because we take your schedule seriously. We’ll even give you a courtesy call when we’re fifteen minutes away.
  2. Accept our upfront quote, and we’ll happily get to work immediately. We’ll lift up your furniture, haul it off your property, and load it onto our truck.
  3. We will also sweep up behind ourselves! We know that dust has a habit of hiding under your furniture, so we’ll clean up that mess for you.
  4. This marks an end to your appointment. We’ll accept your payment, say goodbye, and take the furniture away for prompt disposal.


Furniture is a part of any building that sees regular use. Of course, this includes our homes, so if you need any sort of furniture removed from your house, be sure to contact us. We perform all sorts of residential junk removal tasks each and every week, and we’d love to visit your beautiful neighborhood next. Additionally, we also haul furniture away from local businesses. Need to get rid of office desks, cubicles, and shelves? How about sofas from your front lobby? Call us to ask about our commercial junk removal offerings, and we’ll be by your side shortly to serve you.

As you can see, our furniture removal services are the perfect fit for anyone who has unwanted furniture. It doesn’t matter if you want to get rid of one furniture item or a few dozen. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, or even a landlord. We want to serve you no matter the circumstances of the project! However, there’s only one way for us to be at your service. That’s right—you have to book an appointment first! Fortunately, this process is easy. Simply click Book Now to contact us online. You can also call us at 716-800-2000! Either way, we’d love to learn more about your unwanted furniture!


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