Don’t you have other business to handle at your business? Leave the removal of commercial junk to us. gotTRASH? would be honored to be your first choice for junk removal!

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Operating your own business is one surefire way to stay busy. After all, there are so many different responsibilities that you’ll have to keep up with. Training and managing employees is one of them. Keeping an eye on your expenses is another. Don’t forget all the property maintenance that has to be done. By the time you’ve reached the end of a workday, you’ll likely be completely exhausted. But wait! What about commercial junk removal? If you have junk on your business property, it’s likely that you’ll rarely ever have time to remove it on your own. That’s why gotTRASH? is willing to remove it for you. We are Buffalo’s #1 provider of junk removal services, and we’d love to serve you next! Why wait to get in touch?


A professional commercial junk hauler can make your life so much easier. That’s because you’ll be able to focus on more important aspects of your business while they clean up their junk for you. The benefits go beyond this, though, as a tidy workplace helps promote productivity for all your employees as well. The question is, which company provides the best commercial junk hauling services? For a fast and affordable experience, look no further than the gotTRASH? team. We work quickly, provide low prices, and treat you with the kindness and respect that you deserve.

Whether you need us to pick up a single item from your business or take on complete commercial cleanouts, we’re ready to serve you. Our truck has plenty of space, meaning we can take on jobs both small and large. Thanks to our volume-based pricing system, you’ll pay a fair rate no matter the size of the project! Whether you need us to remove cubicles from an office, broken machinery from a warehouse, or even abandoned belongings at a storage unit facility, know that we’ll serve you with smiles on our faces.

When you have gotTRASH? haul away commercial junk for you, you’ll never have to deal with the disposal process, either. That’s because, after your appointment is over, we’ll transport the junk to a local landfill or transfer station for you. It’s just another way that we save you time. That way, you can invest that time back into your business instead. Spend some extra time coaching your employees. Fill out that important paperwork. Heck, you could even have a celebratory pizza party with your crew. Whatever you do, take comfort in the fact that you won’t have to haul away junk!


  1. We wouldn’t want to interrupt you in the middle of an important meeting. That’s why we’ll give you a phone call approximately fifteen minutes before our arrival. You’ll always know when we’re almost there!
  2. Upon our arrival, we’ll review all the junk that needs to be removed, then provide you with a firm, upfront quote. Like our asking price? Let us know, and we can start hauling away your junk immediately.
  3. While we clean up your business, you can watch us work, chip away at your own to-do list, or even take a lunch break. What matters is that we’re saving you time by hauling your junk for you.
  4. Once all the commercial junk has been loaded onto our truck, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves, accept your payment, then leave the property. That’s how gotTRASH? gets it done!


Does your commercial junk removal project involve a particularly heavy item? It could be that you’re struggling with commercial furniture removal because of the size of the furniture in question. After all, desks, tables, and shelves can be quite challenging to move around. Allow this to be an opportunity for gotTRASH? to show off. We’ll make this tough heavy lifting look quite easy thanks to our talented—and muscular—crew members. You’ll be shocked at how quickly they can lug away commercial furniture!

Dealing with enormous appliances? We can help with that, too. Just ask us about our commercial appliance removal services. We can remove a refrigerator from your office break room, stoves from your restaurant kitchen, washing machines from your laundromat, and so much more! There’s no job that’s too big for us, as you can plainly see!

You can schedule commercial junk removal services today in just a matter of minutes. We invite you to contact us online so you can let us know more about the stuff you’d like us to remove for you. Want to speak with a member of our staff immediately? Then try calling us at 716-800-2000 instead.


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