Demolishing a structure may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have zero demolition experience. Fortunately for you, the team at gotTRASH? has this under control. We have plenty of experience, so count on our light demolition services. You won’t have to do any work thanks to us.

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Dismantling a small structure isn’t necessarily a small job. Because of this, you shouldn’t necessarily trust a small crew, either. You especially shouldn’t trust a group of rookies that doesn’t have the proper experience or insurance for light demolition services. If something went wrong, they could even try to hold you liable, and suddenly, a simple demo job will become a complete fiasco. Instead of gambling with these untrustworthy teams, go straight to the experts at gotTRASH?, a local business. We have complete insurance, and we have all the training we need, too! The best part is, we’re not far from you, either. You can find us in good ol’ Buffalo, NY, just a small distance up the road!


It goes without saying that letting professionals tear down your structure for you is preferable to doing it yourself. You’ll be able to skip a world of work, headaches, and trips to your local disposal site. However, which one of the many local demolition companies should you choose? Who can serve you the best among the many different options? The answer may just lie with the gotTRASH? team. Our employees are properly trained demolition contractors that are committed to paying attention to the details and taking care and caution. They can tear down fences, decks, playsets, and other structures without causing any accidents or injuries. What’s more, they’ll always maintain positive attitudes, making it clear that you’re a valued customer, and that we’re happy to serve you.

Demolition should always be approached with a focus on safety. We’ll be sure to do exactly this! We’ll bring along protective equipment, such as eyeglasses, ear plugs, and thick gloves. Additionally, we’ll request that you stay a safe distance away from the demolition site so that you don’t risk being struck by any debris. Once we’ve made all the correct preparations, we’ll demolish the structure. Generally, we start from the top and end at the bottom. This prevents any sudden collapses, and this is a good thing. Predictability is an important part of safe demolition. Our prediction is that you’ll be one thrilled customer by the time we’re done.

From shed removal to deck removal and everything in between, we are excited to get to work. All you have to do is contact us and schedule our light demolition services to get started. Just click Book Now to access our online form, which you can fill out with all the details about your demo project. What sort of structure do we need to demolish? When do you want us to meet you? And which of our service areas are you in? Of course, if you’d rather answer these questions over the phone, you can do that, too. Simply dial 716-800-2000 to speak with us now.


  1. After packing up all the tools we’ll need to demolish your unwanted structure, we’ll hop in our truck and head your way. You can expect to see us fifteen minutes after you receive our courtesy call.
  2. While we check out your unwanted structure, we’ll prepare you with an upfront service quote. Our light demo cost is based on the labor we provide as well as the amount of debris we’ll need to remove.
  3. After you approve our quote, we’ll tear down the structure in no time. Despite taking care and caution, we can still get the work done fast. Save time and money with us!
  4. At the end of your appointment, we’ll clean up all the demolition debris, load it onto our truck, and accept your final payment. We appreciate you for choosing us, a local business!


Another great reason to choose gotTRASH? for light demolition services, or any junk removal services in general, is that we are a local, family-owned business. We were founded so our neighbors in Buffalo, NY and other nearby locations could have easy access to the help they need. Thanks to us, you don’t have to put up with any clutter on your property, nor do you have to deal with an unwanted small structure. We’ll take it off your hands, and we’ll do it with smiles on our faces.

What makes us better than the franchise-based competition? Consider the fact that our operating costs are lower than the “big box” businesses. We don’t have to help foot the bill for national advertising campaigns, after all. We’re focused on our home, and as a result, you’ll get to enjoy lower rates. What’s more, the money you spend with us stays in your local economy!


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