When you have a busy schedule, it’s easy for random junk to start to get in the way: old tools, remodeling materials, and other items you just want gone. At Got Trash USA, we have complete trash removal solutions for families, businesses, construction companies, and more.

We’re experts at demolition and junk removal in Orchard Park, NY, and we take care of everything so you can forget about trash once and for all. We offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial customers so contact us today for all your junk removal needs!

Junk Removal Services in Orchard Park, NY

Orchard Park Trash Removal Services

Do you want to get rid of an old shed so you can build a gorgeous deck? Do you need construction cleanup or demolition services for a remodeling project? We have the expertise, equipment, and dumpster sizes to take care of it all.

Junk Removal

With our trash removal services, we can take care of old mattresses, stacked-up boxes, and any other items you have stored. Keep what you want and toss the rest, no questions asked. After we’re done, you have a beautiful backyard again and more space in your home.

Estate Services

Our team can take care of estates of any size, and heavy items such as furniture aren’t a problem. We follow your instructions to the letter when gathering, packing up, and removing a loved one’s possessions.

Home Demolition and Debris Removal

Bring your dreams of an open concept dining room or master bedroom to life without lifting a finger. Whether your design vision involves an outdoor kitchen, deck, pool, or indoor changes, we’re the right team for demolition and debris removal.

Dumpster Rental

Our dumpster rental services are a great fit for DIY projects. We deliver and pick up dumpsters directly to your home. Are you getting ready for a move in Orchard Park? Save time by throwing out anything you don’t want, and we’ll haul it all away.

Furniture Removal

Old furniture can be a real pain, literally. With our help, you don’t need to risk your back to get rid of old couches, beds, or patio furniture. We handle everything quickly and professionally, and we work carefully to make sure other possessions don’t get damaged.

Commercial Construction Debris Removal

Whether your business is building a new location from the ground up or remodeling an existing office, getting rid of construction debris is important. It prevents work accidents and benefits your reputation. Let our expert team take care of debris and junk removal during and after building construction.

Custom Commercial Dumpster Services

When projects are large or complex, custom dumpster services are the ideal solution. We’ve worked with many businesses in Orchard Park, from apartment managers to general contractors. We can provide the right dumpster size and removal schedule for your needs.

Why Choose Us

We work hard, but we’re also professionals. We’re the fully insured team you can trust for demolition, debris removal, and trash removal in Orchard Park, NY. Many clients tell us how thrilled they were with the finished results. To learn more about specific services in Orchard Park or for immediate assistance, Call (716) 800-2000 or Contact us online.

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