junk kingWhen you decide to get your space cleaned up, you want to work with a trash removal company that is going to get rid of all your trash. Some junk removal companies in Buffalo, like Junk King, have a specific list of the items they will take. gotTRASH? on the other hand, takes care of it all.

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Transparent Pricing

gotTRASH?’s pricing policy is designed to be transparent so that you know what you’ll have to pay ahead of time. Give us a call or request a quote and one of our trained professionals will discuss your exact needs so you can get a correct quote. This transparency is what sets us apart from the competition. For instance, with Junk King, you are given your price estimate once they are on the premises and have seen your goodies. Only stuff that’s listed on their website and approved is taken. Working with gotTRASH? you can be sure that your project will get completed and you won’t have a pile of leftovers cluttering your space.

Keep It Local

Many of the junk removal companies in Western New York, including Junk King, are actually franchises of national companies. This means they are regulated by corporate policies and have franchise fees that must be paid. gotTRASH? is a local family-owned business that is dedicated to providing affordable trash removal service to the residents of Western New York. Our fees are reasonable since we don’t have a franchise fee to cover, which ultimately saves you money.

We’ll Do the Work

Another advantage of working with a local business is that the staff is carefully trained. When you work with gotTRASH? you can be assured that the technicians that will work with you are licensed, insured, and drug tested. They will work quickly and thoroughly while treating you and your home with the respect you deserve. All you have to do is point at what you want to get rid of and our technicians will remove it. There’s no sorting and categorizing the items you are looking to get rid of like you would have to do with companies like Junk King that are highly particular about what they will take.

Demolition Services

Where some of the bigger junk removal companies offer limited junk removal, your local gotTRASH? offers a wide array of services to help you clean up your space. We do more than simply cart away the things you no longer want, we help with demolition and clean-up as well! Whether you have an old shed you need to be leveled, a pool that needs to be removed, or a full house gut, gotTRASH? has the team to help. Once the mess is made, our trained professionals will quickly clean up and before you know it you’ll have a spotless home.

Get Help From gotTRASH? On Your Next Project

Whether your project is big or small, gotTRASH? has a team of trained professionals waiting to help. All you have to do is request a quote and our team will do the rest. We will go over your needs and give you an accurate quote for your project. Then once you’re scheduled we’ll come to your location and remove the stuff that no longer sparks joy.