Got JunkIf you’re looking for a reliable local, family-owned trash removal company in Western New York, look no further than gotTRASH?. True, other competitors in the region are bigger. In fact, some of them, like Got Junk, even operate internationally. But, here at gotTRASH? we pride ourselves on our local roots and providing trash removal services to communities throughout WNY. You don’t have to worry about making sure you have the right branch like you do with Got Junk. If you’re in Western New York, you can be confident that gotTRASH? is there for you.

Give Back

gotTRASH? cares about those in our community. We continuously work to build and maintain partnerships throughout Western New York that can help us help you give back. Here at gotTRASH? we aim to donate, reprocess, and recycle as much as possible, helping others in the community. We also offer donation credits for items that can be donated. This means you can rest assured knowing that you helped your community while also getting your own space clean.

Transparent Pricing

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With many junk removal companies, including Got Junk, there is a distinct pricing system. when you place your request online, they send you a regular quote called an estimate. Then at the time of the visit, they will reassess everything to give you the final quote.

If you want something a bit more transparent, you’ll want to deal gotTRASH? Our quote system is straightforward. Send over a request or give us a call. We’ll provide you a quote based on your needs. Then after the work is done you pay. There’s no drama about how much you’ll pay since there is no system of estimates and re-evaluation.

gotTRASH? is dedicated to being an affordable junk removal solution for Buffalo and all of Western New York. Because we’re local, we don’t have high franchise fees to accommodate, helping us give you reasonable prices.

We Take it All

There’s no saying what all you’ve piled up over the years. Once you’ve finally decided to clean house, there’s nothing worse than working with a trash removal company that has a list of items they won’t take, leaving you to figure out what to do with the leftover pile. Got Junk and other competitors have a specific list of what items they will take. However, at gotTRASH? we take it all!

There’s no categorizing your junk and checking to make sure it’s accepted.

You simply point a finger to show what you want to go and we do the rest, even if it needs to be demolished.

That’s right! You could point out your pool that doesn’t get much usage or it could be that unsightly shed on your property. We will demolish your structure, clean up and even grade your landscape! Leaving you feeling neat and clean, like nothing ever existed.

Watch for Electronics Restrictions

While gotTRASH? offers e-waste removal, many junk removal companies won’t touch much of anything electronic, new or old. That includes computer monitors, including newer flat panels, citing hazardous waste inside. That list could also include other electronic items, so always be sure the company you choose to work with takes the type of junk you are trying to get rid of.

Get a Quote Today!

gotTRASH?’s pricing is both transparent and affordable. While you can get an estimate quote from Got Junk or other junk removal companies in Buffalo, gotTRASH? will make sure you know exactly what to expect to pay. And if you’re in a rural area, no problem! Our services aren’t restricted to only urban centers. Work with a local company that gets it and enjoy a hassle-free, transparent experience! Get your free quote today!